8/13/2023  Larry Burdgick

Are you ready to sell your boat? If so, then don't miss this amazing opportunity and attend the Used Boat Showcase on September 2-3. This is when experienced private boat sellers will be gathering from around the area to showcase their used boats for sale which means an increased chance of selling your own precious ride.

At this spectacular event, you can benefit from hot deals, making it worth all the effort of bringing down your boat. Not only does it open up a new world of exciting possibilities but doing so also gives you a unique platform to shine in both local and regional markets.

The Used Boat Showcase is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to buy or sell a used boat. It's also a great way to meet other boating enthusiasts and network with potential buyers or sellers.

You'll have access to experts who can answer any questions you may have about buying or selling a used boat. Plus, there will be seminars and workshops available that cover topics such as insurance, maintenance, and more!

"The Used Boat Showcase is an event like no other," says organizer Larry Burdgick "It's a great opportunity for anyone interested in buying or selling their own boat."

Don't miss out on this amazing event! Register now at www.flnauticalfleamarket.com for the Used Boat Showcase on September 2-3 and get ready to sell your boat!